MXG 42-5

  • MXG 42-5

    Putzmeister MXG 42-5 Stationary Placing Boom

    MX stationary booms can also be mounted on crane lattice towers from the various well-known manufacturer. This system is primarily used where a project requires a horizontal reach longer than 36 m and 50 m. This is why they can be mainly seen on large construction sites, for example during the construction of dams, power plants and liquid gas tanks.


    • Concrete placing for highrise
    • Concrete placing for LNG tanks and power plants


    • Anchoring at structure, for quick, freestanding mounting
    • Pipe lines are fitted to the lattice tower in such a way as to save space
    • The rapid separation device between the boom pedestal and the lattice Tower adapter allows the placing boom to be quickly set-up and dismantled


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